Briefly about me

My business includes dealing with foreign languages and creating exceptional literary works. I provide my customers, both new and regular ones, with short deadlines and discounts. Each of my services is of high quality. I prepare professional teaching materials and treat each student or customer individually. In addition, my service range includes creative services and full customer support.

I focus on effectiveness and the ability to support customers in achieving goals! I am always open to all your suggestions. It is clear to me that each customer needs to achieve specific results, so I prepare tailor-made offers and apply individual solutions.

When deciding to cooperate with me, you are provided with constant contact and the option to monitor the entrusted project.


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Translation from different specialties.


Teaching foreign languages.


Tailor-made, unique literary works.


English tutoring.


Training sessions teaching skills that are useful at work and in private life.


Courses aimed at raising motivation and self-confidence.


  • Professional approach towards the customer.

  • Individual approach to every order.

  • Short deadlines.

  • Constant contact during the order execution.

  • Discounts for new and regular customers.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.



WORDLORD is primarily a translation agency specialising in providing faithful and yet understandable translations from many fields. I have successfully completed hundreds of projects and translated thousands of pages. I can analyse very complex language structures, while the scope of my experience allows me to find my way in the most difficult texts.


I am an experienced teacher of the English language who teaches with passion. Thanks to the use of a modern approach and professional educational materials, fast and effective mastering of the language is guaranteed. I am familiar with learning mechanisms, so I allow my students to effectively breach their language anxiety, while focusing on communication skills.


WORDLORD uses words also in the field of art, providing special creative services. If you need to have a poem in honour of a loved one, put a unique event into a song or fulfil your artistic expectations in the form of a one-act play, you can use my creativity.


Do you need to learn English? I can help! I provide lessons in convenient terms regarding regular English, business English, technical English and other variants on request. I guarantee the highest quality and understandability of knowledge and materials.


Adjusting to the most sophisticated market needs, I offer courses on personal development. I work with specialists in areas such as analytical thinking, time management, emotional intelligence. Thanks to the knowledge of the functioning of the human mind and society, they can prepare you for a better life in this world.


If you plan to apply for or maintain a job, then you can use my experience. I know many international companies, so I can support you in meeting the greatest requirements at work. The professional coaching services allow prospective or new employee to excel in a new position.

Each satisfied customer is my success!

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