Konwersacje po angielsku

Artificial Intelligence and You: Friends or Foes?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in existence for quite a long period of time, and its popularity is increasing especially nowadays. You can see the work of AI in your job with digital assisstants reminding you about tasks, in your shopping when the webpage suggests additional products to buy or even while playing video games in which virtual enemies learn your playing style and surprise you. But how do you consciously make AI work for you? You should consider this topic or one day AI may start working instead of you. To prevent such an outcome, visit our conversation workshop to:
- discuss the newest developments on AI,
- learn some new vocabulary on AI,
- become acquainted with the AI state-of-the-art inventions.
We are:
Konstanty Krasnołu
Owner of Serendipity Kostiantyn Krasnolutskyi, English teacher, self-development coach, critical thinking expert, translator, interpreter, IT evangelist
Dominik Letner
Owner of WORDLORD Dominik Letner, English teacher, self-development coach, critical thinking expert, translator, interpreter, writer
Our Clients:
Credit Suisse, Parker Hannifin, Santander Consumer Bank, Volvo, English Language Resource Centre in Kiev, American Corner in Wrocław
We offer:
- high-quality educational videos,
- digital worksheets with interactive quizzes,
- only the most up-to-date and job-related topics,
- sophisticated and AI-related vocabulary.
To take part in the event, like this post and pay the admission fee of 40 PLN to the bank account provided at wordlord.pl/kontakt. Make sure to include in the title: "AICC.1.4.17" as well as your name and surname.

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