Are you in the game?

I am a great fan of PC games. I have been playing them ever since I graduated elementary school. I still remember playing the versions for Windows 98. But that was a long time ago. Nowadays, it is often said that when children play computer games or similar ones, they stop developing. However, it might not be the case. Playing games can also lead to great discoveries if you bother to think about it deeply enough.

Dividing people by game standards
Playing RPGs (Role-Playing Games) allowed me to view people in a different way. These games almost always include the players’ characters and computer-generated characters known as NPCs (Non-Playing Characters). The main difference between these two is that the players actually keep the story going and contribute the most to the game world, while NPCs just lead ordinary lives and are usually of minor significance to the gameplay. This made me think. What if this division works also in our world? What if some people are players and others are just NPCs? Which one of them are you? Are you REALLY in the game? I would like you to think about that when you read my comparison between in-game people and real-life people

Running about vs. lolling about
A characteristic feature of players is that they always want to do something. They are constantly on the move, taking quests to solve as many problems and help as many people as possible. They know that this is the only way to progress. Whereas are completely disinterested in these activities and usually stay in the same area. You can hardly ever hear about any of their actions. The same applies to people. Some of them are always busy trying to bring some greatness into their lives as well as the lives of those around them. Contrary to that, other people tend to invest the smallest possible effort into doing something productive and just stroll around doing things of minor importance.

Education vs. stagnation
Players also develop. They perform different quests to gain experience points and allocate them to various skills. As a result, they can do more in the game world. Whereas, NPCs are usually able to do one or two things and do not care about learning anything more. It is similar to the real world. Some people appear to be „the masters of their life” thanks to the abilities that they have acquired through hard work and effort. Other people are always stuck with the same level of knowledge. They often claim that they „already know everything” which could not possibly be further from the truth.

Risk-taking life vs. risk-free life
Finally, players are willing to take risks. They try to deal with the most dangerous monsters and most complicated puzzles in order to progress in the game. They know that without taking risks they will not achieve anything great. NPC usually don’t leave the vicinity of their premises and give up taking any risks. The same is with people form the real world. Some of them are willing to risk investing their time and energy in order to obtain better results in their life or even create something world-changing. The only crucial difference between this reality and the virtual one is that you don’t have any save and load options here, so you will have to live with the consequences of your choices. But should you resign from everything due to that? Some people, just like NPCs, believe so.

So then, are you in the game?
As you can probably see here, players are like people who decide to always take action, become better and show courage. On the other hand, NPCs can be similar who people who remain lazy, afraid and simply stuck in the comfort zone. That is why I recommend being players. Of course, many can argue that it is much easier to be active, develop and take risks in the virtual world. However, do you really want to spend your life being afraid and not living it to the fullest? Do not cocoon yourself in a stable yet demotivating, repetitive and development-hindering position in life. Be the player and do your best to live the life that you have always wanted to live and, who knows, perhaps you will be granted the best possible happy ending!