Price list

I have prepared reasonable prices and discounts. In order to avoid any confusion during payment, I also offer free pricing of the project. Thanks to this, you can be sure of fixed costs and price transparency. At WORDLORD you know what you pay for!

All submitted texts are analysed in terms of content complexity and conversion. On such basis, I set the price for one standard page of the source text. In addition, the pricing includes discounts that are added up and subtracted from the original amount.

Kierunek tłumaczenia/Language combination 1 strona/page (tryb normalny/normal mode) 1 strona/page (tryb ekspresowy/express mode)  Dla stałych klientów/Regular Customers Specjalne promocje/Special offers Pierwsze tłumaczenie/First translation
Język polski – język obcy/Polish – foreign PLN 22-34  PLN 36-42  RABAT/DISCOUNT 5% RABAT/DISCOUNT 5-10%  RABAT/DISCOUNT 10%

One standard page is 1,800 characters with spaces.

Normal mode means translating 8 standard pages (14,400 characters with spaces) per day.

Express mode means translating more than 8 standard pages per day.
Projects are priced basing on the number of characters in the source text in order to easily calculate the total price.

There are also periodical special offers – follow the information posted on the blog.

It is also advisable to acquire the regular customer status – information on this subject available on request.

If you choose to have lessons in a group or several hours in a row, you can save money as such lessons come with discounts. I also offer special occasion lessons for a lower price. In order to provide the best service, I conduct a free initial meeting to learn about the students' levels and expectations.

One lesson takes 60 minutes.

Breaks up to 15 minutes are not considered a part of the lesson.

Prices do not include purchasing course books.
Lessons at the students' premises are available for a small fixed fee.

The terms of special occasion lessons are provided with relevant notice.

Don't hesitate to order a free non-binding meeting to determine your language abilities and preferences.

 1 blok zajęć/One lesson  Zajęcia grupowe/Group lesson Tryb wieloblokowy/Multilesson mode Zajęcia okolicznościowe/Special occasion

Creative services – due to the exceptional nature of these services, they have to be priced separately. Each order is priced individually and discussed in detail on a free meeting, during which the price threshold is determined, so that the price will never exceed a fixed amount. We also offer discounts for regular customers and discounts for continuation, that is, creating a new story based on the previous one.

 Dla stałych klientów/Regular Customers Rabat za kontynuację/Continuation discount