I am an experienced teacher of the English language who teaches with passion. Thanks to the use of a modern approach and professional educational materials, fast and effective mastering of the language is guaranteed. I am familiar with learning mechanisms, so I allow my students to effectively breach their language anxiety, while focusing on communication skills.

I have experience with all age groups and proficiency levels. I offer courses focused on relevant topics such as helping with school lessons, developing additional language skills and passion for learning, mastering specific abilities to extend business contacts or preparing for an exam to get a certificate. Feel free to take part in a free meeting where you can state your expectations in order to have your lessons planned and adjusted to your needs.

My courses follow these principles:

- Patience – students can develop in their own pace;

- Individuality – the lessons are adapted to the students' needs and selected issues;

- Flexibility – the right topics are dealt with at the right time;

- Innovation – frequent innovations are made to get more interesting teaching methods;

- Communication skills – students are taught effective communication in a foreign language speaking environment;

- Motivation – students are rewarded for their achievements.

The following items are applied during the lessons:

- Educational games and activities to enable learning in a pleasant way.

- Authentic materials: videos, recordings, excerpts from books and newspaper articles, items related to the culture of a particular country;

- Professional English course books: regular, business or special fields;

- Multimedia courses enabling to memorise the learnt information.