WORDLORD believes that “the more, the less”, so the prices of services get lower in inverse proportion to the quantity or range of the orders. Based on that, I give very favourable discounts. The above discounts apply to all areas of business, as well as to new and regular customers.

In addition to price benefits, quality and timeliness are also guaranteed. All projects are considered as priorities and approached with due diligence.

Feel free to try out WORDLORD services and benefit from all the offered features:

- Translations – don't pay twice for the same thing!

During translation, I use translation memories to store the translated texts. If the content of the next document matches the previous ones, the translation memory enables finding similar fragments. Thanks to this, I give a discount on repetitions, the amount of which corresponds to the number of similar fragments.

- Education – it's better to learn in a group!

It is easier to learn and teach in groups, so I offer discounts on lessons in small groups. In addition, diligent students also are rewarded – choosing several lessons in a row makes the price for a single lesson proportionally lower.

- Creative Services – a longer story is more fun!

Developing old ideas is easier than coming up with new ones. Therefore, I offer discounts for orders that relate to previous projects. Each subsequent creative service with the content similar to the previous one will cost less!