WORDLORD also offers interpretation services. Within these services, I provide the following:

- consecutive interpretation: the interpreter listens to a longer utterance of the speaker and then interprets it. This type of interpretation is mostly aimed at translating the key points, while the translation accuracy has a secondary role. Such interpretation is used when the message rather than the content of the utterance needs to be interpreted.

- liaison interpretation: a more advanced form of consecutive translation, where the speaker says one sentence which is immediately interpreted. Liaison interpretation is applied in cases where the best translation accuracy is required.

- whispered interpretation: simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter listens to the speaker while interpreting their utterance with a lowered voice to a small group of recipients. It is a very useful form as it does not require any equipment. However, the interpreter and recipients must remain close to one another. Whispered interpretation should be applied when the audience consists of up to five people.

Due to the unique nature of these services, each commission is priced separately. Please contact me to get your free pricing.